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Founded in March 2022, Céland is a family-run artisanal cannery. Motivated by a fierce desire to bring certain recipes and local products up to date, its creator, Mme Celine Landre, delights us with gourmet recipes to surprise our palates. Today, we can safely say that Conserverie Céland is an integral part of Guadeloupe's cultural and gastronomic heritage.
The Doux Caprices house and workshop is located in the Jambette Beauséjour district, surrounded by greenery. It harbours the sweet treasures of yesteryear, brought up to date by a family of enthusiasts. We specialise in the processing of local fruit and the manufacture and distribution of traditional confectionery. Since its creation in 1993, we've been offering a whole range of confectionery products that combine sweetness and tradition.
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