Bonifieur Ground Coffee from Guadeloupe 250g,- CAFÉ CHAULET

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I, Café Chaulet, will take you to a distant land, to discover a region and its history. So leave your passport and suitcase in the cupboard. All you need is your curiosity and your sharp sense of taste. 

Dear traveller, I welcome you to Guadeloupe.
With a biodiversity unique in the world, it is on these mythical lands that I, "Café Chaulet Bonifieur", grow. You will find me more precisely in the heart of the golden triangle of Guadeloupe, between the communes of Trois-Rivières, Baillif and Pointe-Noire, in the "Côte sous le vent". 

I have adapted to a volcanic and mountainous soil. I thrive between 25°C and 30°C degrees. The unusual environment in which I grow makes me an exceptional product! When I reach maturity, I am picked red by red by careful hands. My beans are then dried and roasted in the "coffee museum" created by the Chaulet family. 

Made from the Arabica Typica species, my aroma is finely fruity. My sweetness has the astonishing power to crush the bitterness! Fine gourmets and specialists, such as Monsieur Philippe Jobin, nicknamed "Monsieur Café", agree that I am "one of the best vintages in the world". You may call me a West Indian coffee, or a Guadeloupe coffee, but you should know that I am above all a Chaulet coffee. I transport you to an exceptional place combining heritage and sharing, tradition and passion, change of scenery and sensation!

Enjoy your trip!

I am a non-perishable product, there is no danger in consuming me after the Best Before Date (BBD). Nevertheless, I lose my organoleptic and nutritional qualities after opening. Here are some tips on how to store me better at home:
    - In the freezer: keep your coffee pack closed for a period longer than the expiry date.
    - In the cupboard: ideal place to store coffee, whether the packet is opened or closed, as it is cool, dry and protected from light.
    - If the package is not resealable, we recommend that you store the beans or grinds in an airtight container, preferably vacuum sealed.

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Café Bonifieur moulu

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