Guadeloupe Bean Coffee  Bonifieur 250g, Café Man Lisa
  • Guadeloupe Bean Coffee  Bonifieur 250g, Café Man Lisa
  • Guadeloupe Bean Coffee  Bonifieur 250g, Café Man Lisa
  • Guadeloupe Bean Coffee  Bonifieur 250g, Café Man Lisa

Guadeloupe Bean Coffee Bonifieur 250g, Café Man Lisa



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I am the descendant of a single Arabica Typica coffee plant brought back to Guadeloupe by the Infantry Captain Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu in 1721, and I planted my roots at an altitude of over 400 metres on the Campry family estate in the commune of Vieux-Habitants. I am called "Café Man Lisa" in honour of Elisa, a woman of character who bequeathed to her children "a love for working the land, synonymous with life"! I flourish in a typical Creole garden on a land rich in diversity. From morning to night, my pretty cherries chat with avocados, mangoes, yams, elderberries and cashew nuts. 

Mr. Etienne Crane, heir to "Man Lisa", a coffee connoisseur since his youth, picks me with delicacy and always in good company. Surrounded by his farmer friends and family, my cherries are lovingly picked by hand. 

My beans are then roasted to a "monk's robe" or "grandmother's coffee" colour, which conveys the idea of a full-bodied coffee. I'm so good that I'm known as 'the best coffee in the world'. Cultivated in an artisanal way on a unique volcanic and tropical terroir, a rare product sold in small quantities, I am one of the exceptional coffees, in the same line as Jamaica's Blue Mountain. As a superior quality coffee, I used to be used to "improve" the quality of other coffee beans that were blended and sold throughout Europe. For your information, 1kg of reclaim coffee improved 20kg of blended coffee. You have the chance to enjoy me here in my pure state. 

Choosing Man Lisa 100% Arabica ground coffee from Guadeloupe means contributing to the conservation and transmission of a precious know-how that few people today have been able to preserve.

I am a non-perishable product, there is no danger in consuming me after the Best Before Date (BBD). Nevertheless, I lose my organoleptic and nutritional qualities after opening.
Here are some tips on how to store me better at home:

In the freezer: keep your coffee pack closed for a period longer than the expiry date.
In the cupboard: ideal place to store coffee, as it is cool, dry and protected from light. 
If the package is not resealable, we recommend that you store the beans or grinds in an airtight container, preferably vacuum sealed.


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