the Caribbean. I arrived in Guadeloupe in 2006 with my partner Véronique. Already a jewellery designer since 1997, I immediately fell in love with the treasures of nature: shells, wood and, above all, natural seeds. I quickly incorporated these gems into my crafts.

In 2008, Gaïa Gwada Graines was born. It's a tribute to Guadeloupe, which, like Mother Goddess Gaïa, has been, is and will continue to be my motherland, the land that provides the raw material for my art. Natural seeds, Larimar stone, coconuts, bamboo, shells... are the basis of my unique and original creations.

Transforming a natural seed into a pearl requires rigour, patience and a great deal of precision. My work consists of harvesting the seeds according to the season, cleaning and selecting them. It takes at least 6 months of drying to remove all traces of moisture from certain seeds. The seeds are drilled with a 1mm drill bit, then mounted on wired wire, and once threaded the jewel is ready. About the Larimar stone. Each pearl is shaped one by one by craftsmen using traditional methods. Whether it's fine, precise drilling or the creation of a ball, this meticulous work requires skill and dexterity. There are only 2 Larimar deposits in the world, one in Italy and the other in Santo Domingo in the Caribbean, where I collect my stones.

As a fervent admirer of Guadeloupe's natural riches, I draw my creativity and raw materials from them. With 20 years' experience in fashion jewellery made from natural seeds, my unique and original creations breathe the Caribbean and its origins. With respect for nature and the environment



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