We are Mrs and Mr PERIANIN, farmers in the hills above Petit-Bourg. Our family business was founded in 1981, just before my wife Marie-Eugénie gave birth to our first-born son. Today, we've been working with Dictame starch for almost 40 years. The first steps in the Dictame fields were not easy. We had to plant, harvest, clean, press and dry, all by hand.

Between 1980 and 1990, we took steps in Colombia and Montpellier to improve the processing and yield. We bought a machine adapted to our crop and to current standards, which will help us reduce production time and labour. In 2000, European subsidies enabled us to improve the filtration system, insulate the building and install air conditioning and a solar dryer. Optimisation of the manufacturing process since 1981 has enabled us to generate a production of around 5 tonnes of starch planted on two hectares of land.


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