I'm Brigitte, the founder of "Bibi Art" since 2011, based in the town of Goyave in Guadeloupe. I am a craftswoman, creating jewellery and objets d'art in precious and exotic local wood. I offer an authentic and refined collection. My creations evolve with me, as I am a passionate self-taught artist. My passion drives me to constantly improve, so I regularly take part in courses and training sessions.

With this in mind, in 2014 I decided to take a course with an "Artisan woodturner" in the small village of Méolan Revel in the Alpes de Haute Provence. My adventure with woodturning began from this experience, this magnificent discipline has enabled me to develop my artistic dimension. It allows me to sublimate the imperfections of wood and to work it without altering it.

Wood is a living, warm material. My creations are guided by the material, so each piece becomes "unique by nature" because each piece of wood is unique in nature. The shapes, colours, stigmata and nuances of the wood are revealed in each creation, sublimating the wood's imperfections.

Brigitte TROTMAN

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