My name is Cécilia, and I'm a woman of great generosity and what you might call a "poto-mytan". My love of nature, plants and my country, my life circumstances and the sound advice of my eldest daughter led me to set up our own company and brand of agro-processed products: CECIDEL. A contraction of Cécilia and Délices. Our motto: Harvest, transform the fruits of the earth and tantalise your senses.

My husband and I have been farming in Morne-à-l'Eau for over 40 years. On our 3-hectare farm, we practise sustainable agriculture and grow fruit trees: mangoes, carambola, cherries, coconuts, as well as basil, lemongrass, ginger, redcurrants and pineapple. Everything is handmade. From harvesting to bottling, bagging or jarring, right through to labelling.

I'm passionate about our business, which started 5 years ago, and I'm fully committed to it. It's a great adventure, and one in which my daughter will soon be joining me. She's currently training to become an agro-processor, and she'll be bringing her vision, a new dynamic and fresh ideas to the family business.


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