I'm Nicolas, current manager of the family business Saveurs Karukera. It's a company that has been able to grow by developing its know-how, while preserving its original values. But it wasn't all plain sailing. The adventure began with my parents Roger KOMLA-SOUKHA and his wife Noéline JAHSI in the early 90s. They lived in Paris, where my father was a bank clerk. Very soon after a few years in France, they began to feel homesick. So they both decided to return home and start farming, producing chilli peppers, spices (saffron, turmeric), aromatic herbs (parsley, thyme, lemongrass, coriander) and various vegetables. The beginnings were very difficult. They began by going door-to-door to sell their produce and distribute it to farmers in the surrounding area, and then to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Given the rapid success of their modest business, my parents decided to evolve by preparing and selling massalé, the paste used to prepare colombo, a traditional West Indian dish. While continuing their direct sales method, they also sold their bags of massalé in the "lolos" (local grocery shops). The neighbours appreciated this and the small business soon grew, with Mr KOMLA in charge of production and Mrs KOMLA in charge of marketing. They continued to innovate, adding hot pepper puree and a few homemade Creole sauces.

In 2008, my parents passed the torch on to me to maintain and perpetuate the traditional, artisanal spirit of the family business. Enthusiastic and enterprising, my aim is to maintain the course of authentic and traditional products to seduce even more taste buds. Our customers choose KOMLA products for their flavour and authenticity.

Nicolas KOMLA


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