I'm Philippe, current manager of the family company CAFE CHAULET. Guadeloupe has been a land of coffee for hundreds of years. We've been planting coffee since 1860 and roasting it for almost a century. Our family wanted to be one of the guarantors of this coffee tradition in Guadeloupe, and particularly in the Côte sous le Vent region.

I've been immersed in this world ever since I was a child. I have a real passion for this product and I'm committed to developing and promoting Guadeloupe coffee every day, from planting to roasting and exporting. "For generations, we've been growing one of the best coffees in the world locally, called Bonifieur. (Cf: Philippe JOBIN "Coffees produced in the world"...). Our coffee plantations in Guadeloupe are mainly located in steep areas that cannot be mechanised. This makes them a rare and exceptional product from Guadeloupe.

Today, our family, faced with the rarity of this exceptional product, is fighting to revive the cultivation of this Bonifieur coffee, part of Guadeloupe's heritage. Our aim is to defend this local know-how and product through the meticulous, technical aspects of our resolutely traditional roasting methods.

Philippe CHAULET

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