I went to France to study, and it was in a restaurant that I discovered that Bissap juice is the juice of the local 'Gwozey Péyi' hibiscus. Back in Guadeloupe, I went back to my roots and realised that our island was bursting with a multitude of tasty plants and fruits. Thanks to the knowledge passed on by my parents, who are from Marie-Galantais, I began to process the products of our land.

In 2009, I decided to set up my own business to have an impact on the local economy and agriculture. With this in mind, I went to Senegal to take a food-processing training course to learn how to put qualitative and quantitative factors into traditional recipes. Thanks to this experience, I was able to win first prize in the regional business creation competition in 2012.

Keen to give syrup its rightful place, I'm constantly looking for ways to give my customers the best possible advice on how to use it. La Marie-Galantaise" syrup is more than just a product, because the way it is produced and preserved preserves all the health-giving nutrients in the fruit, plants and flowers. As a craftsman, I do the trimming, i.e. the sorting of the fruit. So the quality of our products extends from the selection of the fruit right through to the choice of packaging. 

I make syrups from fresh, seasonal fruit. Guavas, turmeric, ginger, pineapple, maracudja, mango, soursop - these fruits of the earth hold no secrets for me. My syrups are made from fresh fruit and contain no added colouring or preservatives. They are made with special care to bring out all the organoleptic qualities of the fruit, vegetables and plants.

Gwenaëlle BOECASSE


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