GUAD'EPICES was created in 1991 as a one-man business, with the traditional production of Massalé "colombo paste" in the family kitchen of Mr and Mrs NAVIN. This small business quickly grew into a flourishing enterprise with a diversified product range. In 2000, the company's management decided to innovate by transforming the sole proprietorship into a limited company, building a food processing plant that complied with regulatory health standards, and introducing new products.

Currently the leader in the Guadeloupe market, Guad'Epices is constantly improving its production processes, which in turn is improving the quality of its products and its environment. The new needs of consumers and the demands of our customers mean that we have to be reactive, innovating both in terms of new products and packaging.

All our products are controlled by the Pasteur Institute, a guarantee of quality. Our company is made up of a dynamic team (including a quality officer and a production manager) at the heart of a sustainable industrial project, combining ecology, social progress and economic competitiveness.

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