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Who doesn't know the emblematic coconut trees of Guadeloupe? Their long trunks and bushy foliage can be found on every postcard. You can see many of them along the white sandy beaches, but some are much more mysterious and like to hide in the middle of the lush nature.

Not far from the Sainte-Rose National Park, you will find them on the Florsens agroforestry estate, a place immersed in the forest. There, coconuts, vanilla pods and bees work together to produce the best raw materials for artisanal products. This is how the bees fertilise the coconut flowers that Mr Frederick Mauranyapin uses to make me.

This authentic man, deeply respectful of nature, "likes to do with it and give it back what it gives us". A passionate farmer, producer and agro-processor, he works many hours in a row to make me an exceptional product: an extra virgin coconut oil, 100% natural, without preservatives or chemical agents, translucent and pure. To do this, he picks the coconuts, peels them, cuts them into small cubes which he mixes. He then presses the pulp in the traditional way, by hand, to harvest the coconut milk. After 48 hours of fermentation, I am ready to enchant you with my freshly harvested coconut smell and my high quality composition.

Moisturising, soothing, antioxidant, repairing, softening, protective... I am full of benefits. Use me without moderation on the skin and hair. I can replace many beauty products. I am a perfect substitute for make-up remover, toothpaste, deodorant, hair masks and day cream. When applied to the face, I am reserved for dry skin.

I advise you to incorporate me into your daily routine in the following way:

- As a make-up remover oil, I remove all traces of make-up, even the most resistant waterproof make-up

- As a nourishing and moisturising body care, I soften and nourish your skin

- As a hair care product, I repair your hair, strengthen it, coat it and bring it shine and radiance

- As an after-shave or depilation balm, I soothe your skin and activate my anti-bacterial superpower

- As a natural lubricant, I optimally coat your skin, thus preventing irritation and infection

- As a specific care, I soften your skin, nourish it, reduce and prevent stretch marks

- As an after-sun care, I soothe and calm the feeling of heat on your skin



50 ml
100% Huile de coco

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