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FLORSIA® (cosmetic) first pressing coconut oil is cold pressed from the dry pulp of the coconut. Without preservatives or chemicals, it has not undergone any hydrogenation and any refining step. Harvested on the FLORSENS estate then transformed manually thanks to a unique know-how. This oil comes from coconuts from Guadeloupe. Its moisturizing, softening and restorative properties will give suppleness and a beautiful satin finish to your skin. Applied to your hair, they will regain vigor and shine. Translucent and creamy, it will enchant you with its delicate scent of toasted coconut.

Moisturizing, soothing, antioxidant… Coconut oil is full of benefits. It can be used without moderation on the skin, on the hair, and can replace many beauty products. It is a perfect replacement for make-up remover, toothpaste, deodorant, hair masks and day cream. In application on the face, it is reserved for dry skin.

Here are some uses of this fantastic oil that you could incorporate into your daily routine:

- Make-up remover oil: remove all traces of make-up, even the most resistant waterproof
- Nourishing and moisturizing care for the body: Perfect for softening the skin and nourishing it
- Hair care: Coconut oil in care helps nourish the hair fiber.
- As an after-shave/depilation balm: Razor burn or after using the epilator… It will soothe, nourish and have a very pleasant anti-bacterial action.
- Natural lubricant: You are looking for a natural lubricant that allows you to have optimum lubrication, while avoiding irritation and infections
- Attenuate stretch marks: Will soften the skin, nourish it, reduce and prevent stretch marks.
- After-sun care: After enjoying the sun, this will bring a feeling of calm and calm the feeling of heat.



50 ml
100% Huile de coco

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Dès que j'ai essayé ce produit, j'ai tout de suite vue les effets sur ma peau. Fini la peau blanchâtre et déshydraté, Enfin une peau douce avec une belle couleur et bien parfumé !
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